It’s almost the 4th of July, which can only mean one thing - celebrating America's Birthday with a BBQ and a singalong around the fire. First things first though, we thought we would kick off the occasion with some historical facts about where the 4th of July originated from.

In a nutshell, on the now famous day of July 4th, 1776, the Thirteen Colonies gained their independence from England - this was the first iteration of what is now the United States of America. This, of course, meant that during the 18th Century, The United States was an extension of England. The day represents the independence from the Thirteen Colonies when they made a rebellious decision against King George III. What caused this frustration? Well, the beginning was quite harmonious, however, the Thirteen Colonies disagreed with the British Influence regarding taxes without being given a seat in parliament. At this point, the settlers needed to claim their own national pride, which lead to the famous saying of 1765 of ‘no taxation without representation’, in other words, the Colonies wanted a voice in Parliament if they were to pay the taxes. This didn't happen and the rest is history.

Well, that's the origins part done, now let's get to the party bit. Whether you’re choosing to celebrate the red, white and blue outfits in style, or stay more minimalist, we've got some arty yet stylish pieces that are perfect for the occasion.


Gingham, can you really go wrong with it?

We have seen a major peak in pattern over the last couple of months, mainly coupled with a picnic in a park and in a nice straw hat, as seen all over Instagram.

Celebrate the 4th of July with this laid-back shirt that features the traditional red and white. The former symbolises hardiness and valour, whereas the latter signifies purity and innocence. Pair with sparkly Machala earrings which also sport a star just like the American flag.

Check Shirt Dress

Machala Earrings


With this current heat wave, it definitely is legs out kind of weather. The ultra-cute Didi lace-up denim mini skirt sports cute red and white ribbon ties on both sides for ultimate style and comfort. 4th of July outfits doesn’t need to be spent repping the colours in a bold way, and for those who love minimalist style, this is ideal to complete a 'less is more' look.

Skirt Women


Opting for a comfy Patriotic outfit? That's always a good idea when you have a jam-packed day with back to back parties. Wear the super soft star print blue cashmere jumper with a pair of cute pair of shorts or a sparkly skirt like the Sassandra stitch sequin mini skater in blue.


Supersize your look with these super wide leg jeans. Featuring a freyed cuff and high waist, they'll be your go-to staple this season. Taking the flared look to the next level, these jeans are a sure fire hit. Wear with our NEW Red Metallic 100% Leather Shoulder Bag  for the perfect 4th of July outfit assemble. 
Denim Jeans Wide Leg

Whatever you decide to do, we hope your grill sizzles, your fireworks sparkle, and your outfit is fire!