Does the name Zaha Hadid sound familiar? I really hope so because we are talking about an execptionally great architect, artist and designer, who shaped the citiscape of many metropolis around the world with her beautiful and elegant architectural projects. 

Nevertheless, should her name sound new to you, here is your chance to be introduced to some of the stunning design objects created by this extraordinary woman and an opportunity for you to surprise your loved one with a gift they will never forget (so much so, you might be exempted from giving next year's presents...)!

Zaha Hadid - Shimmer Tea Light Purple

Zaha Hadid - Shimmer Tea Light Purple 

Zaha Hadid - Shimmer Tea Light Olive Green

Zaha Hadid - Shimmer Tea Light Olive Green

Regarded as one of the most innovative architect of the 21st century, Zaha Hadid’s creativity will forever live through the "weightless" buildings, stunning jewellery and original design objects she produced as an individual as well as through the countless collaborations she worked on with prominent figures in the creative industry, such as Kenny Schachter with who she designed the Z.Car and the Serpentine Gallery in London with whom she worked on many projects among which the extention of the gallery itself. 

Zaha Hadid And Kenny Schachter - Z-Car

Zaha Hadid & Kenny Schachter - Z.Car

Using the words of artist, curator, dealer, art writer and friend Kenny Schachter, also featured on Rich Fashion, Zaha Hadid’s style represented “a celebration of nature mated to technology”, qualities translated in her design objects as well. Such qualities are easily to grasp and appreciate in objects like her niche centerpiece, in which elegant lines made by melamine create a sculpturally abstract and beautifully practical addition to any dining table.

Zaha Hadid - Centerpiece

Zaha Hadid - Niche CenterPiece Limited Edition in White

Or if you are looking for something more (or less) traditional, you might want to check out Zaha Hadid's Illusion collection of tea and coffee cups, plates and bowls, beautiful scented candles and diffusers, all carrying the designer's unique style! Success guaranteed!

You can find a small selection here below and click here to view the full collection signed Zaha Hadid. 

Zaha Hadid - Tea Cup and saucer

Zaha Hadid - Illusion Tea Cuo & Saucer Set of 2

Zaha Hadid - Coffee Cup and saucer

Zaha Hadid - Coffee Cup & Saucer Set of 2

Zaha Hadid - Solis Scented Candles Equinox

Zaha Hadid - Solis Scented Candle Equinox

Zaha Hadid - Solis Scented Candles Flare

Zaha Hadid - Solis Scented Candle Flare

Zaha Hadid - Solis diffuser flare

Zaha Hadid - Solis Reed Diffuser Flare